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Vitamin A


Retinyl Palmitate

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Where does it come from?

Retinyl Palmitate is synthetically produced from both natural and synthetic raw ingredients. When a process or portion of the raw ingredients are synthetic, the end product is considered synthetic regardless of the vegetable derived component.

What is it?

Retinyl Palmitate is a form of Vitamin A and part of the retinoid family. To be specific Retinyl Palmitate is an ester of Vitamin A which basically means it's a cousin (retinol + palmitic acid). It's three steps away from retinoic acid that your skin uses. Quick flowchart for you below with each arrow as a metabolic step that occurs when applied.

retinyl palmitate > retinol > retinaldehyde > retinoic acid

Retinoids are royalty for graceful ageing, skin cell renewal, and acne treatments.

How do we use it?

We use retinyl palmitate as our preferred form of Vitamin A as it's less irritating than retinol in our experience. Whilst not as instantaneously effective as retinol or the prescription form of tretinoin, it's more comfortable to use consistently and continuously.

Our ethos is always around the slow, sustainable journey with less fuss for you. Retinols typically require you to introduce them from once or twice a week, to alternating days, in progressively stronger amounts - unless your skin straight up cries and says 'nope'.

Retinyl palmitate allows Vitamin A into your routine without having to map out alternating daily routines, or bother with the mental math of figuring out your dosage.

If you're after intense results for serious acne, or serious ageing concerns, we would recommend skipping retinyl palmitate and retinol. You'll achieve more with less trial and error by seeking out a derma and going straight to a prescription tretinoin treatment.

Retinyl Palmitate no fuss, consistent approach least irritating
Retinol gotta love planning
different routines
highly irritating
Prescription Retinoids
serious acne or ageing
gotta see a derma
highly irritating