Ingredients Parfum

Naticide® / Fragrance


Parfum or Fragrance

Function in our formulas:


Where does it come from?

Naticide® is derived from vegetable sources using a confidential procedure.

What is it?

Naticide® is the brand name of a natural preservative system. As the unique plant derived ingredients in it are confidential, this preservative system appears on our labels as Parfum, or Fragrance.

We add no Parfum or Fragrance to our products other than the Naticide® preservative system.

How do we use it?

Naticide® is a highly effective natural preservative that we use across our full range. It protects our formulas from bacteria, mould, and yeasts.

As our products are fresh from our pharmacy lab to you, we use as little preservative as possible. Naticide® when combined with our airless pump bottle provides a highly effective preservation system together.

Naticide® appears on labels as Parfum or Fragrance, and is not to be confused with traditional essential oils or fragrance oils. We don't add traditional fragrance oils to any of our formulas.

Naticide® has a vanilla-like scent.